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2013 was a very good year for KRANK and we would like to say "THANK YOU" and "HAPPY NEW YEAR" to all our friends who come out to rock with us!  May the next year bring you nothing but the best!

Hope you can make it out very soon for a big dose of KRANK ROCKnROLL...

To book a show, contact Curt Curtis @ 740-572-3447



What a night!!  The boys were Krankin' Saturday at J's Corner...Had a really good crowd and can't wait to come back again on May 31st! Big THANKS to J's owner Matt and his staff.  

Saturday @ J's Corner!

Tomorrow night at J's Corner Bar & Grill, 9 pm till 1 am. We plan to KRANK IT UP, so why not come on out and get Loud & Hard with KRANK Rocknroll? Come early and stay late! See you there... \,,/ 


KRANK @ J's Saturday

Said I would let you know who's going to be on drums this coming Saturday @ J's (April 12th), not ready for the "Big" announcement just yet, but I can tell you who will be helping us out for the time being: Lonnie Adams...Yes, Lonnie has graciously stepped up to fill the void, and it will be an awesome time, again!!

We do have a prospective NEW drummer but as luck would have it, he was injured the day before the guys were to start rehearsing, and isn't healing as quickly as first expected, so..."the show must go on"...Hope to see a whole bunch of KRANKIES out Saturday night, at the "Corner".   

J's Corner April 12th

The guys will be appearing at J's Corner Bar & Grill next on Saturday, April 12th...Alot of work to do before then and I still haven't forgotten the announcement I promised.  As soon as the boys give me the green light, I will let you know who will be pounding the skins...Until then, keep rockin'!

Haven't forgotten...

On Saturday, February 22nd the boys of KRANK played J's Corner and ROCKED IT! Original Krank drummer Lonnie Adams filled in, and he did a FINE JOB and I'm pretty sure he had a good time doing it! Four of the five had been sick the week leading up to the show, and John was still sick that night, but they pulled it off in a BIG WAY! J's owner Matt said at the end of the show that it was his "best night ever with record food and drink sales".  The place was PACKED and everyone had a fun night...

We will be making an announcement VERY SOON on the new drummer and believe me, it's gonna be good!  We are anxious to let you know, but for now.......You have to wait a little longer ;)  

Looking up...

Wanted to update you on our status, which is: KRANK ROCKS!!  The guys are in the process of regrouping and rehearsing after losing our drummer unexpectedly (Billy's alive and well, just not available!)  The wheels are turning and we will make an announcement soon on who the next drummer will be...Stay tuned, it's gonna be good!! ~Tonda, Admin

No Moose Saturday

The boys of Krank really hate to have to say this but they are forced to reschedule the show at Chillicothe Moose this Saturday, January 18th.  The guys are currently working on getting a new drummer after last Saturday's BS and have rehearsal planned.  You can't take a great band down, and this a great WILL bounce back. Count on it!  ~Tonda

More local shows coming...

Just entered more dates for 2014 at J's Corner...KRANK loves to play locally and J's is the place!!  

What's next?

What's next?  Well, we wish we knew...The year does NOT appear to be getting better as hoped...Saturday night was a shocker when our drummer ran into some "problems" at the last minute and was unable to play...Left without a drummer and 10 minutes to start time, band manager Curt Curtis kicked into action and found a fill-in who was willing to help out on very short notice. Thanks goes to Brad Caulley who came in, without knowing ANY of the songs on Krank's setlist, and helped the guys to salvage the night...Maybe not the Krank we're all used to, but they got through it like the true professionals they are...Also big THANKS to Matt, owner of J's Corner, for his patience and understanding.  He said everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and even thanked the boys for going on with the show!

Timing is everything and time is not on our side this week--HOWEVER--the show must go on!! KRANK will be playing at the Chillicothe Moose next Saturday night, January 18th, with a fill-in drummer...Let us pray ;)

More tragedy for the new year...

On January 2nd, this new year was marked forever in our memories.  We have lost the other half of one of KRANK'S favorite couples.  Paul Knecht was tragically taken on September 4, 2012 and now, 16 months later, we have lost Cheryl.  

It was a cold snowy day when Cheryl lost control of her vehicle on State Route 207, near the Fayette/Madison county line, into the path of a bread truck.  Cheryl had already cheated death 3 times before, and tragically she did not make it this time. God decided this was her time, even though we don't understand why.  She left behind a teenage daughter and their beloved dog Kilo.  Cheryl was a great, fun person and if you were her friend--you knew it!!  She was one of the most REAL people I've ever known.  We will miss her presence at the KRANK shows, but most of all we will just miss her.  Rest in peace friend...